Welcome to a traditional pizza place in Titusville! Come and visit us for lunch!


Our dough is made FRESH DAILY on the premises
Our pizzas are cooked on a traditional stone deck oven, not on a conveyor belt or in a microwave!

Luncheon Special
A slice of piping hot pizza with a side of meatless Greek or Chef salad. Fast, hot, nutritious!

Pizza By The Slice
Your choice of pepperoni or cheese!
Extra toppings available upon request for .50 cents per item.

Luncheon Feature

A slice of our featured pizza served with a side of meatless Greek or Chef salad.
Featured Pizza of the Day – Slice



All pasta specials are served with one slice of bread. Side salad is ONLY served with the Pasta Special

Pasta Special
Choice of three great pastas: spaghetti, ziti or tortellini. All served with a choice of our homemade meatsauce or pommodoro sauce.

Ziti Chicken Broccoli
Penne noodles sautéed with extra virgin olive oil & garlic, chicken and broccoli and served with two slices of garlic bread.

Featured Pasta Special
Ask your server about our featured pasta special today!

Lunch Portion of Pasta
A six oz portion of pasta (spaghetti, tortellini or rigatoni) Served with your choice of Pomodoro or meat sauce and two slices of garlic bread.

Low Carb Lunch

All served with a side Greek or Chef Salad and a side of steamed broccoli

Low Carb Combo
Choice of four meatballs or four links of rope Italian sausage with meat sauce served with a Greek or Chef salad.

Grilled Bifteki (Greek Burger)

Grilled Chicken Breast


Soup & Salad Combo

Choice of any half sub with a cup of homemade soup (Gyro or Chicken Pita may be substituted for $1 extra in either of the two combos above).

Sub & Soup Combo
Choice of any half sub served with a cup of homemade soup.

Sub & Salad Combo
Meatless Chef or Greek Salad topped with your choice of dressing and served with any half grinder.

Gyro Platter
A side of Greek salad served with slices of lamb gyro meat, a side of garlic cucumber sauce, and wedges of pita bread.

Spinach Pie
Layers of thin dough filled with seasoned spinach, onions, dill, cheese, and parsley. Served with a side of Greek salad.


Prices and menu items subject to change without notice.
Items & prices may vary with location.
Prices displayed do not include sales tax.
Delivery service where available. Subject to minimum order.