It’s that time of the day; when you need to figure out what you’re eating for dinner. Maybe you’re thinking Chinese food, but it’s too far out of your way as you head home from work. Perhaps you may settle for a sandwich that you can easily make at home. None of those options sound good though; instead, you’ve been having a craving for pizza. Your coworkers had been discussing pizza today at lunch and that idea was planted in your head. So where do you go to grab a slice? Kelsey’s, of course! If you’ve never visited Kelsey’s in Titusville, FL, then we strongly recommend that you check out this delicious Italian restaurant.

Why You Should Visit Kelsey’s Pizza

If you’ve never visited Kelsey’s, then today’s blog is going to dive into all the reasons that you should get in your car and travel over to our location on Garden Street. Our restaurant is one of the best pizza places in town, just ask TripAdvisor, which we are featured on. As a Top Rated Local® pizzeria, we are the neighborhood restaurant you want to visit. So what are some reasons to visit our pizzeria? Let’s find out!

We Make Dough Fresh Daily

We’re proud to make our pizzas with homemade, freshly made dough. We make our pizza dough fresh every day. That means you don’t have to worry about getting a pizza that was made a few days ago or frozen. We cook out pizzas in traditional stone deck ovens, not on a conveyor belt or — blasphemous — in a microwave. After all, if you wanted frozen pizza wouldn’t you just buy it from the grocery store? We are committed to quality ingredients in our pizza. From freshly grated cheese on the pizza to our piping hot ingredients, you can expect our pizza to be top-notch.

We Offer Many Options

We don’t just offer pizza at Kelsey’s. We also offer delicious appetizers, salads, Italian favorites, calzones, tasty items from the grill, and desserts that just melt in your mouth. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, then don’t worry because we have so many other options you can take advantage of. Everything on our menu is made with the highest quality ingredients, so whatever you end up ordering will be mouthwatering.

We Are A Top Rated Local® Pizzeria

We are a Top Rated Local® Pizzeria. That means that we’re considered to be a preferred restaurant by many in the Titusville, FL, area. With generous portions and top-quality ingredients, you won’t be disappointed when you visit our restaurant. We also offer some great deals if you visit for lunch, but dinner is always a great time to fill your tummy with some hot, melted cheese, delicious toppings, and a crust that crunches just right.

If you weren’t hungry by the time you started this blog, then we bet you are now! Stop on by Kelsey’s or order online and take your food to go. We make it easy when you choose Kelsey’s for your Italian food cravings!