Have you ever been to a wedding or a corporate event with lackluster catering? There’s a reason for that: catering is hard to get right! It’s not like grabbing a meal at a restaurant, where the food can be served as soon as it’s cooked. With catering, temperatures and transportation are big hurdles to overcome. Even with hot boxes, coolers, and chafing dishes designed to keep foods at the appropriate temperatures, it’s easy for many catering foods to end up soggy, dry, or overcooked. But not all foods! Pizza is a great option for catering, and here’s why:


Better Transportation Options

One of the biggest issues with many catering options is how to get the food from a restaurant kitchen to the event. Things like crostini and other appetizers, mini desserts, or even entrees with multiple components can be hard to transport. No caterer wants to assemble hundreds of little components, only to have everything fall apart in transport. However, this may be the only option if most of those components have to be cooked before assembly. Pizza, pasta, calzones, and other Italian fare are great for catering because they can be assembled and cooked as appropriate and you get to enjoy the results as if everything was being served straight from the oven.


Cooking/Heating Considerations

Those big silver catering dishes with a couple of canned flames can only do so much to keep food warm. Caterers have to rely primarily on cooking everything, packing it up, and keeping it warm until it’s time to serve. As we already mentioned, pizza and pasta travel well; the good news is that they also hold up to the heat options caterers have better than many other options. When food sits in those big, silver chafing dishes, the heat only comes from a couple of spots underneath. This is problematic because it causes the food inside to heat unevenly. It also encourages steam to separate from the food and evaporate, which means the food on the bottom will dry out more and the food on top may go soggy as steam hits the top of the dish, collects, and drips down again. Pizza avoids this issue by not requiring a chafing dish. Instead, pizzas can be kept warm and ready to eat with a pizza stone and a heat lamp.


Universal Popularity

Food allergies and dietary restrictions aside, do you know anyone who doesn’t like pizza? Exactly. Pizza is a prime choice for pretty much any catering needs because it’s one of those foods that you can reliably trust that just about everyone will enjoy. With a variety of options that range from vegetarian to meat lovers’, plus so many options in between, catered pizzas can provide options for a range of dietary needs and preferences.

Make your next event a hit. Whether your family is flocking to Titusville for a reunion or it’s time to order food for a company meeting, the team here at Kelsey’s Pizzeria Eatery is here to help. Connect with us to start creating your catering menu today!