After a long day at work and an evening ferrying the kids to after-school activities, it can be immensely difficult to work up the motivation to cook dinner for the family — especially when you just want to throw on stretchy pants and kick back for a bit before bed. This kind of night is common for the American family, so much so that busy days and a lack of time have given rise to an upswing in online restaurant ordering and delivery services. But are those delivery services making it harder for dine-in restaurants to keep going?


A Growing Industry

In 2016 alone, delivery services accounted for more than $3.5 billion in restaurant sales. While that’s still a fraction of the nearly $800 billion a year industry, online delivery services aren’t exactly insignificant, and the number keeps growing. On those nights that you don’t have an ounce of energy left to cook, restaurant delivery provides an easy way to have fresh, nutritious, delicious food delivered right to your door. You can enjoy a great meal while lounging in your pjs, if you so choose.

Delivery offers the benefit of easy accessibility. You don’t have to get dressed up, you don’t need to drive anywhere, you don’t even need to use real plates if you don’t want to — though that is a better way to share entrees. The ease created with delivery is the big reason why it’s become such a popular meal option. But, at the same time, there are a few drawbacks. For one, you have to plan for a wait. At a restaurant, the food comes out when it’s hot and ready to eat. With delivery, you have to wait for it to be packaged, picked up, and taken across town. For another thing, there’s the question of how well the food will travel. Some foods, like fried chicken, don’t tend to travel well and go soggy or dry during transit. Even if a restaurant offers an option for delivery, that doesn’t mean it delivers well.


Tried But True

Just because more and more people are ordering delivery, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that traditional dine-in restaurants are on their way out. The biggest difference, and the reason so many still choose restaurants, is because eating out isn’t just about the food. It’s about the experience. As we mentioned already, some foods don’t travel well. If you’re in the mood for crispy fried chicken or crisp wontons, you’ll probably enjoy them more if you get them at the restaurant.

On top of the food being fresh and warm, the other big piece of going out is that you get to take a mini-vacation during your day. Restaurants provide waitstaff to take care of your needs as well as ambiance to transport you. If you need a break, going out to your favorite restaurants can provide that.

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