Welcome to our blog! Kelsey’s Pizza is excited to discuss our restaurant and the delicious foods that we have on our menu. We strive to create a menu that’s full of traditional Italian dishes with fresh ingredients that are perfectly seasoned. Whether you are an out of towner looking for a delicious restaurant to stop into for a quick bite to eat or you’ve been a regular since we opened our doors over 30 years ago, we welcome anyone who loves a homemade slice of pizza and other Italian dishes.

In our blog, we’ll be covering topics such as what makes our pizza so delicious and about our restaurant. We opened over 30 years ago and are proud to say that people view us as a local family restaurant to come to and enjoy a mouthwatering meal. From informing you about the history of our restaurant to the origins of pizza, we’re ready to educate you on quality blog posts that will leave your stomach grumbling for some homemade, tantalizing slices of pizza and other dishes that are home to the Mediterranean part of the world.

About Kelsey’s Pizza

Pizza is something that we live and breathe at Kelsey’s Pizza. And we’re proud to state that! While we offer a myriad of other dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied and filled, Kelsey’s Pizza is proud to serve made from scratch sauces on homemade pizza with fresh ingredients. If you enjoy delicious slices of pizza that are made with quality ingredients, then Kelsey’s Pizza is a must-eat restaurant.

Started over 30 years ago, Nick founded the restaurant in Titusville. From a traditional Greek background, Nick was inspired to open an Italian restaurant by his neighbors who were Italian. The smells and the tastes of the Italian dishes were enough to inspire him toward a career in restaurants. Nick started working in the restaurant industry at a young age and it has shaped him into an impeccable cook that is inspired by his background as well as the attributes of Titusville. After being open for 30 plus years, Nick is ready to be opened for an additional 30 years to serve the families of the Titusville area and those who just want to stop for a slice of steaming hot pizza.

Take A Peek At Our Menu

Are you hungry for homemade pizza? Do you want a side salad with one of our Italian dishes? Do you have children that are a little picky? We have a wide selection of tasty dishes on our restaurant menu. From hot strombolis filled to the brim with salami, pepperoni and Pomodoro sauce to homemade pizzas that are loaded with cheese, toppings, and freshly made sauce, everyone in your family can find something. In addition, we cater to dietary needs. If you or someone in your family is allergic or doesn’t eat something, then let your waiter know! Below you can find our different dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied:

Is your mouth salivating? Are you ready to fill your stomach with homemade dishes? Come visit us for a healthy and filling meal!