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  • Are you looking for a pizza place you can go to regularly with your family?
  • Do you want to bite into a slice of hot cheesy pizza?
  • Do you want to eat homemade food from a local restaurant?

Welcome to a family pizza place that anyone can enjoy! From family nights out to going out with your friends, Kelsey’s is the perfect place to spend any night during the week or the weekend. If you want to come have a slice, then come visit us on Garden Street in Titusville, FL.

Inspired by my love for food and people, the first Kelsey’s was opened on November 26, 1983. It was built upon traditional principles and a commitment to quality, service, and long-standing relationships with communities, customers, and employees.

I grew up in an Italian neighborhood where the emphasis on food making was its simplicity and flavor. I remember the aroma of fresh sauce being simmered at one of our neighbor’s homes; the pungent smell of freshly grated cheese as Josephina sprinkled it on the pasta; and the warmth and love that exuded from the dinner table as the family ate together.

At Kelsey’s, we serve generous portions of food, made with quality ingredients by people who care. We are not fancy. We are not about sun-dried tomatoes, wood-burning ovens, and $10 mushrooms.

Kelsey’s is your neighborhood pizzeria where you can enjoy a great meal with family and friends in a clean, comfortable atmosphere at a reasonable price.
If for any reason we fail to meet your expectations, please email me personally at

Thank you for choosing Kelsey’s!

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